The TOC Story & Team

Our Story

Inspired by their 6-year-old-child, Liam, local parents Michael and Diana Amaya combine their passions for teaching and cooking into classes for chefs of all ages. The Taste of Curiosity is working with local vendors to deliver pop up classes (in-person and virtual). Every class includes a common ingredient: culinary curiosity!

  • Liam (#1 Taste Tester)

    Hello my name is Liam and I am six years old. I have enjoyed cooking with my family since I was 3 years old. My favorite ingredient in the kitchen is creativity. I love to make messes in the kitchen! Inventing new recipes and tasting my creations is my favorite part.

  • Diana (Child Instructor)

    Hello my name is Diana! I have worked for corporate America for 10 plus years. While I enjoy working with adults, my true passion lies with teaching children. My favorite ingredient in the kitchen is curiosity. This allows children to feel free to ask questions, try new things, and feel comfortable in multiple settings.

  • Mike (Adult Instructor)

    Hello my name is Mike, I have 15 years of food industry experience. My favorite ingredient in the kitchen is courage. Courage is key because sometimes dishes can be intimidating by the number of ingredients, but if you remain organized you might surprise yourself at how easy they truly are.